Vampire Report

Checkin’ out the latest news again…

I should really try that ‘meal in a glass’ thing for Hoyt. I know he’s usually a catfish, burger or steak kinda guy but I guess it’s the closest we’ll ever get to sharin’ the same sort of meal. Hmm, well there is our 5 month anniversary comin’ up real soon…

Great. More FotS activity. Just what we needed ’round these parts.


This makes me giggle

I will resist the urge to use Bill’s phone as a way to make money.

I will resist the urge to use Bill’s phone as a way to make money.

I will resist the urge to use Bill’s phone as a way to make money.


Checkin’ the Latest News…

That Fellowship of the Sun video is really worryin’ me. Havin’ been at their mercy a few times now, I know that video isn’t just a call to a leadership camp. It scares me. Also, the shifter in that video? Totally not good promotion for our furry friends.

Ace LeVin, my tutor in New York, is real heavy into the American Vampire League politics. Mainly ’cause he’s been ’round for a long while and he is the sheriff of one of the most expensive areas in North America. I’m startin’ to take an interest in some of his work with the AVL. I mean I’m only a new vamp but I still want my rights.

In the News

So I checked the mail today and found the latest copy of the American Vampire magazine had arrived. Really cool articles – ones on a vampire gymnast scandal and ‘vampire chocolate’ which, I guess, is fine Belgian chocolate for our humans (I know Hoyt has a soft spot for chocolate!). There was also a little bit on Fangtasia in there. Great readin’ if you’re a vamp. I’m hopin’ they do more features for us young, modern vamps 😉 Dusty, old, borin’ ones like Bill are so four hours ago… *giggles* I think I’ll subscribe.

The other thing I was watchin’ tonight is The Vampire Report on television.

Those sorority girls… I get ten of ’em every week wantin’ to find vamps to be their Edward Cullen. So not cool. I’ve been ’round lots of vamps now and I know that not everyone is so into mainstreamin’ as daddy is. The ‘vamp slaves’ video was proof of that. It’s dangerous out there – just ask the comedian guy.

Heh, I had your grandmother on her wedding night. That was pretty funny in a vamp-gonna-kill-ya-if-ya-don’t-shut-up kinda way.

There’s been a lot of talk lately ’bout humans being akin to cattle. I vaguely remember bein’ called one before my… turning. Do I think vamps are superior? The answer would be no. And a lot of vamps would disagree with that. Maybe it’s just how I see the world. My daddy – my REAL daddy – believed in his religion being superior to everythin’ and I’m ashamed to say I went along with that. Since bein’ turned, I’ve seen things in a whole different light. Humans can’t imagine what it’s like for us and a lot of vamps can’t remember what it was like to be human. I hope there’s a gray area in between where we can both see each others point of view and accept our differences. I guess it’ll never turn out exactly like that but I can hope.

Guess Bill’s ideas are startin’ to wear off on me. Lord help us.

The L.E.S

Caught a repeat of The L.E.S tonight (I finally figured out what LES stands for! No, I ain’t a blond vamp. Lower East Side!), the first show on television to cast a vampire in a leading role. Not bad viewin’, I’d like to see more of it and all. Kind of puts vampire and human datin’ in perspective. I’m sure they won’t touch on the realistic stuff though. There’s just some things the public can’t handle yet.

I heard there’s a new reality TV show comin’ on: Daddy, I’m dating a Vampire. Should be an interestin’ watch. I’ll let ya know how it goes.

For now, here’s a clip I found from the pilot ep of The L.E.S: