Baby Vamp Likes Being Green

“There are water fountains all around and recycling bins so it makes it fairly easy to remain green while we’re working,” says Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Jessica Hamby on HBO’s True Blood, which has its second season finale Sept. 13. Woll has had a blast sinking her teeth into her vampire character, even though her fake fangs can be dangerous. “It’s a little hard kissing with them in. I have to be very careful.” Even so, the “balance between sweetness and danger” is fun to play. “I’m a very reserved person so to get on set and be totally crazy and wild is the greatest.” Look for her in an episode of Law & Order this season.

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Or The Magister will back it down for you.

So check out his website, The Magisterial Agenda

I hear y’all can ask him questions and stuff there…

9 Things Vampires Do While Waiting For the Sun to Go Down


9 Things Vampires Do While Waiting For the Sun to Go Down

Y’all have to check this out. Though, as a vamp, I don’t think I’ve ever done any of those things…


Maybe Bill has?

So, what’s up with me lately?

Well, tonight I went to a Vampire Pride Rally out in Shreveport with a few of my vampy friends. There were lots and lots of fireworks. I tell ya, seein’ fireworks through vamp eyes is somethin’ pretty spectacular. The colors are wild and multi-layered. It’s almost like you can reach up and touch the little speckles of light. Beautiful. I wore my AVL shirt and yelled my undead heart out. I know I’m still adjustin’ to bein’ a vamp but since I’m gonna be one for a while, I figure it’s the little things that count in the long run.

Also, bein’ at the rally kind of distracted me from Hoyt leavin’ for his week’s vacation. He’s takin’ his momma to the desert. I hope he doesn’t leave her there… *giggles* I sure will miss him durin’ his week away.

Note to self: Buy more O Neg and B Pos TruBlood.

It’s good timin’, I guess. Bill and I are goin’ to New York for a while so he can ‘check on his investment’. I think we’re gonna pick a new car out too *fingers crossed* Of course, it always comes with a price. I’m bein’ made to go to this stupid Descendents of the Glorious Dead ball thing which looks totally lame. Oh, but it’s alllll for Sookie’s benefit *rolls eyes* Sookie doesn’t have to strut around in a dress the size of TEXAS. It’s freakin’ HUGE!

Okay, maybe she does too. But it ain’t like hers is… is… no, I’m not givin’ details. It’s bad, let’s put it that way.

So, y’all will be readin’ this when I’m asleep. Wish me luck for tonight.

Geez, I hope I don’t end up lookin’ like a Gone With the Wind drop out.

Happy Independence and Vampire Pride Day! #trueblood


Celebrate by being V Positive!

Visit the AVL for more information

Also, check out this article I found on Bloodcopy about the Prop 188 bill. Not cool.

Vampire Pride Weekend!


College Protests

Normal colleges aren’t acceptin’ vampires because they can’t attend to their daytime class schedules. Wow, that’s loophole discrimination if I’ve ever heard it. Admittedly, the students shouldn’t really have thrown red stuff (looked more like juice than TruBlood) over the Dean but his response surely sent a blunt message.

I guess watchin’ this video makes me kinda glad that I’m goin’ to VAIA (Vampire Art Institute of America) in New York. Now that vamps are out of the coffin, it makes sense that there should be places we can go to co-exist with humans but this is a place purely for vampires. Probably a good thing, too. Vamps have different needs…  just like with humans, we all have different personalities, viewpoints or objections. It’s a great place and I’m really enjoyin’ my time there.

But remind me again why I chose to do ‘Origins of Western Civilization’? Oh yeah, I needed a challenge. Next time, I’ll pick one that won’t send me into downtime.

Three cheers for vamp speed readin’ and writin’!