Y’all have your plans for tonight’s finale episode of True Blood, right? Well, I’d love to hear ’em!

For me? Well, I guess I’ll be the vampire startin’ the Louisiana Vampire Massacre (a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre)


(in the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that I don’t become a vampire goo splatter – kthnxbai)


Some #TrueBlood #TBFinale Love For Y’all

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Eric/Jess Vid: Closer (Extended Preview)

I’m really excited to see the finished product of this vid – just amazin’!

J/H Vid: Doin’ It

Can’t say I love the music… but it plays nice with some The Fray *winks*

Tore My Heart: Dean/Jessica (SPN/TB Crossover Vid)

Get Bitten with Bites from the Cast

There’s also vampire-style parenthood, courtesy of Bill’s siring of teenager Jessica, played by Deborah Ann Woll. “I’ve ended up with a teenage vampire daughter who’s a nightmare,” Moyer laughs. “Not even Eric can handle this little thing. Sookie and Bill become these kind of odd surrogate parents for this girl, Jessica. [Woll] is amazing. She is just phenomenal to work with. And her first episode [after Jessica is turned], she was [playing Jessica as] an obstreperous and nasty little mouthy chick, and then the director said, ‘Let’s just do one where you’re less spunky and play it more as an innocent.’ So she played it as an innocent, and I suddenly went, ‘Oh my God. I suddenly have this paternal yearning to look after her.’ Which is quite interesting as Bill, because he has lost his kids a 150 years before. It’s like it suddenly peaks, this element inside him, which he had forgotten existed. So that’s not to say that the relationship is not without its problems, but it’s very interesting.”

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