So… I’ve Been Thinkin’ About TruBlood


I really don’t like TruBlood at the best of times and recently I’ve been doin’ some experimenting. I’ve discovered I like my drinks served as either straight O Negative, straight B Positive or mix of both O Neg and B Positive. I remember Eric tellin’ me that it’s all a matter of taste to the particular vampire and can even tell you what kind of a vampire you are. So I checked out the TruBlood website and found the following things:

Type O – Hearty & Satisfying
Type O ambitiously swirls onto the palate crossing all borders with its merciless optimism and seemingly arrogant independence. A natural leader, Type O is strong to the point of ruthlessness. From dawn till dusk the generous taste of Type O is an all around dream for the impulsive kingpin.

Type B – Aggressive and Energizing
This stylish blend is our tour de force. From its buoyant disposition to its curious adaptability, Type B’s unique medley is loaded with haughty passion. TruBlood’s Type B brings out an unbridled wildness in us all.

Type A – Light & Delicate
For the artistic lifestyle, TruBlood’s Type A is as creative and precise as they come. Though introverted by nature, the flavors of Type A are painstakingly imagined inducing an overall calmness. TruBlood’s Type A is a bona fide prodigy.

Type AB – Smooth and Refined
One of TruBlood’s most complex and rational creations, Type AB boasts a succinct combination of sophistication and judiciousness. Type AB delivers a strict and controlled experience and consistently leaves a cool finish.

I guess that means a wild and impulsive leader-type? *smirks*


The Perfect Vamp Holiday?

Well this is somethin’ to see! Check out what I found while searchin’ the web. It’s from Maria Clara Montego, a Tru Blood Travel Blogger hailing from New York. View the full page here.


When you think of Reykjavik, Iceland, you probably think of snow, darkness and consonants.  Many do not necessarily think of it as a premium travel destination.  That’s all changing as Iceland ’s culture and tourism industry have made it a prime destination for vampire tourists around the globe.

Created from tectonic hot spots below the ocean, the world’s most northern capital city has something to offer immortals and humans alike: long periods of darkness, huge music festivals, and dedicated businesses aimed at improving the tourism industry specifically for vampires. About as long a flight from NYC to L.A., Reykjavik makes a perfect spot to head to for a long weekend from the Eastern US.  Let me take you on a quick walk through a great city that you can enjoy for centuries to come.

Darkness is the true calling card of Reykjavik, Iceland.  Not just another Anchorage, Alaska or Helsinki, Finland, Reykjavik is the “nightlife capital of the North”.  Around midnight, quiet cafes can turn into heart-pumping parties within minutes.  Tru Blood is available at all the bars and clubs, but if you get in with the friendly locals, they can show the off-the-beaten-path places with the best deals.  Bars close at 6AM but with the night skies stretching all the way to noon, vampires won’t worry about painful walks back to the hotel.

Vampires like to dance with abandon and being in Iceland means you won’t be alone.  Dance halls and clubs are sought out by many visitors.  Reykjavik is known for its many music festivals, so there is ample opportunity to dance like nobody’s watching deep into the night.

Maybe one of the most alluring reasons to discover Reykjavik is that two vampire-friendly travel groups have great deals to Iceland. The Hotel Carmilla chain and Anubis Air are two successful businesses that specifically cater to vampire clientele, and they’ve both set up convenient and attractive deals in Rekjavik. Their ability to provide great deals to vampires has earned them great brand loyalty among vampires and has left traditional “human” hotels and airlines scrambling, doing what they can to compete for the vampire dollar.

So the next time you’re restless and can’t sleep during the day, set your global compass to 64˚ N and 21˚ W.  You’ll land in a great city that likes to have fun all night and accepts all of us for who we are, dead or alive.

Maybe Bill and I could stop there on our European journey? Sounds pretty nice actually…

TruBlood Ads… or Ass in a Glass?

Well, y’all know my thoughts on the synthetic crap *sighs* I know, I know… have to keep my strength up.