5 Things That Make Me Happy

I was challenged to do this blog by my good friend Mads so tonight I’ll be sharin’ with you the 5 things which make me happy.

*  *  *


1. Dancing!

I just love to dance (‘specially in that crazy fast vamp way). From the second I found out I was a vamp, I felt the need to move my body in ways I never could before. My momma and daddy were real strict ’bout dancin’: I couldn’t do it. Full stop. If I’m really happy ’bout somethin’, I end up dancin’… but if I need cheerin’ up, it’s the best feelin’ in the world to let go and let your body take you. I also enjoy dancin’ with a certain someone special… dancin’ with him always brings a smile to my face.

*  *  *


2. Strawberries

Now this might seem like a weird pick for a vampire who can’t eat food. I’ve always loved the smell of strawberries – that sweet, fresh scent reminds me of Church Picnics and happy memories. I remember Eden used to bug me that I never did her hair for her (she always loved it when I put my hair up) and she brought me some fresh strawberries one Sunday morning. I did her hair and we played in the grassy field next to the big church while eatin’ the berries. It was a real nice day. I use strawberry shampoo now so my hair always smells like strawberries… and I love the taste of strawberries on Hoyt’s lips. So even though I know I’ll never eat them again, I can still find small ways to enjoy them.

*  *  *

Snuggling up to me

3. Gucci

I was never allowed to have a pet when I was a kid. I even found a stray puppy once and my daddy made me give him away… got in trouble for even bringin’ him home. So when Addy gave me my precious little bundle of joy named Gucci, I immediately fell in love with him. I love to play with his little dachshund feet and he’s so cute when he’s snuggled up to me. He likes to dig his nose under my arm until I lift up the blanket for him so he can get under. He always brings a smile to my face and I’m so glad Bill is lettin’ me bring him home to Louisiana.

*  *  *


4. Drawing

I have this notebook I carry ’round with me sometimes. It’s been to all kinds of different places with me and if I get a moment, I like to sketch somethin’ – whether it be a flower or some bug or even somethin’ random floatin’ round my head. I guess it’s a good thing I’m workin’ towards a fashion degree because I love drawing and lookin’ at all types of different images. When I’m sad or lonely, I always open up my sketchbook and things seem to disappear from my view.

*  *  *


5. Hoyt

From the night we met, I knew he was somethin’ special. From his chicken and steak babies to the way he held my hand and reassured me it was okay, Hoyt has always been the one person who could make me really smile. Every single thing about him… from his (allegedly) smelly toes to his goofy smile. There’s no place I’d rather be than right there in his arms. He’s my happiness ♥


Sketchbook: Leviathan

Randomly scannin’ things from my sketchbook now. I’ve called this very rough piece ‘Leviathan’.


From the Sketchbook: Raven


I like quiet nights. Particularly ones where I don’t have to be anywhere or do anythin’… we all need nights like that sometimes. Tonight I headed out onto the porch, sat down and sketched. The sketch above is very rough but I’d like to call it ‘Raven’.