Eric/Jess Vid: Closer (Extended Preview)

I’m really excited to see the finished product of this vid – just amazin’!


Eric/Jess – Closer (Preview only)

Wow. Wow. WOW. I can’t wait ’til this one is finished!

Orange Mocha Frappuccino!

There are no words.

My Comic Con Twin…


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Email to @EricNorthman


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to work at Fangtasia. It has been a great and valuable experience, one which I couldn’t have had while I was alive. You, Pam, Chow and Felicia have taught me a lot about what it means to be a vampire and how to control that instinct while around humans. I’m very thankful for that.

However, events in the past few weeks have caused me to question my position in the vampire world. I’m starting to see that there is more to a vampire’s existence than merely having fun and dancing every night. Bill’s offered to help me improve myself by sending me to school. After facing the Tribunal as a witness last night and seeing a vampire staked the night before, I would like to take him up on this offer. I would respectfully ask if I could leave my job at Fangtasia to pursue this venture.

I’ve organized a replacement to cover my shifts for the next two weeks. I expect my pay to be docked one month for my sudden departure. For this, I am sorry. If this does not please you, I will return to Fangtasia.

Thank you for everything, Sheriff.

– Jessica Hamby

Baby Vamp Ringtone

I was asked a little while ago why I have Lady Ga Ga‘s ‘Poker Face’ set as my ringtone… *giggles* I don’t know, it’s an awesome song. Apparently these are the top 5 Vampire Ringtones. Call me behind on the times. I dare ya! *fangy grin*

I’m thinkin’ of changin’ it to ‘Paparazzi’. The guy in the video looks a LOT like our local sheriff…


I don’t like it when daddy says he has ‘plans’ for me. It most assuredely means I’m in trouble or bein’ sent away or a combination of both.

Bill’s shinin’ moment of throwin’ me to the pretty wolves at Fangtasia eventually came unstuck for him and I was returned a few months back to live in Compton Asy–um–House. Since then, we came to an understandin’. I wouldn’t hunt to kill humans, I’d mainstream like him. This was a big compromise, one only made easier by his agreement to let Hoyt be my boyfriend. He made me get a job, organizin’ with Eric that I would waitress at Fangtasia to start earnin’ some money. I thought that job would be shit in the beginnin’… waitin’ on humans with grabbyhands wantin’ to look undead. Not my idea of a good time… but I came to love it. I’m good at my job. I have regulars who come just to talk to me – Little Sammy, Marcus, Juno and the league of fangbangers who’s names I pretend not to remember, but I really do. Pam trained me well in givin’ ’em what they want and at what time. I can read these people real well now: figure out who wants more than just a drink, who wants company, who wants to be treated dirty. I get great tips. The dancin’ thing was a job I took over after my friend Asha met her second death. She taught me everythin’ she knows and I found out I was GOOD at it. I love dancin’.

The point is: I found my independence from Bill. I know sometimes I screw up with my ‘urges’ but that’s expected of a newborn. And sometimes I don’t treat him with enough respect but I’m a damn sight different than I used to be. I was wild back then. I didn’t wanna obey anyone but I learned quickly that I couldn’t exist like that. So I adapted to Bill’s wishes, met Hoyt and became my own vamp. Bill and me have had our ups and downs but our relationship was made stable by the fact that he wouldn’t interfere too much with my life. He’s been supportive of me doin’ this up until now.

Tonight when he said he had ‘plans’, a warnin’ light went off. I was enjoyin’ my night, visitin’ with my MIB (that’s ‘mother in bond’), Maxine. She took me out to Shreveport to see somethin’ called Star Trek (pretty cool movie!). I was on my way home when Bill suggested that I needed to start thinkin’ bout my ‘future prospects’. Say, 500 years from now.

500 sure is a big number. But that’s another story, what Bill wants to talk to me about is some sort of trip to Europe, schooling and my residence. In other words, he wants to send me away to boarding school. I mean, I understand he doesn’t wanna see me dancin’ at Fangtasia 500 years from now (even 100 years from now) and I don’t exactly see myself doin’ that either… but do we really need to jump the gun so soon? He’s pretty firm on me NOT dancin’ at Fangtasia and doin’ what I like to do (quote: “disgusting”). Instead, he wants me to help him out on his ‘lucrative business affairs’ – which I guess means AFTER some more education. Is he shippin’ me to Hogwarts For Vamps or somethin’?

Of course, the first thing I thought about was leavin’ Hoyt. I wouldn’t get to see him for such a long time if I was shipped off to Europe. And all my friends in Bon Temps wouldn’t be there. I don’t know anyone in Europe! And did I mention I’d be leavin’ Hoyt behind? I think it’s that thought that upsets me the most. I love him. I can barely stand bein’ away from him for 24 hours. I mean… I know one day I’ll have to lose him. His mortality has always scared me and I don’t like thinkin’ bout it. I’ll stay young and he’ll get old, I know that. A viking told me once that this was the way of the vampire. You just have to love and support them as much as you can until it’s their time. And right now, I don’t wanna leave Hoyt.

Where do I hope to be in 500 years? I don’t know. I mean, I’d like to travel one day and meet other vamps. I am curious about them. Hogwarts For Vamps might be a really cool experience. I don’t know exactly what I’d study either. I haven’t figured out eternity and maybe I don’t want to yet. Right now, all I wanna be is me. That’s my plan.