Club Slattern

This weekend was kind of eventful for me. Friday night I spent in my classes, goin’ over special art techniques and learning some more of the basics. My teacher, Terrence, said I have a good eye for color and shade. I guess that’s a good thing. I also asked the admin whether I could take other classes via distance education. They said it shouldn’t be a problem since I’ve already done the homeschool thing and I was used to it. I’ve decided to take a few electives: English literature and Growth of Western Civilization I. Don’t tell Bill, but I’m kind of excited to be doin’ somethin’ like this. I wouldn’t want him to think I was givin’ into his wishes or anythin’.

I know as much as I try and deny it, my relationship with Bill is becomin’… easier. He treats me like a teenager at the best of times (which I am, but still…) and I see him as a father figure I guess. He does look out for me. Take this weekend, for example.

Addy and I had some free time on Saturday night so we decided to go to this club she knew – Club Slattern (whatever that means – I’ve heard it means ‘lady of the evening’?). Anyway, it was a great club and we were havin’ fun dancing when this guy surprised me. He put his hands around my waist from behind and, of course, my fangs popped out. It wasn’t an innocent dance and he was gettin’ turned on by the fangs. I wanted to get out of there and fast as soon as his lips touched my neck. I’m not that type of girl. I pulled away and he stopped me; his hand grasped my wrist. Before I could stop myself, I turned his wrist at a wrong angle and had him on his knees. My instincts kicked in and I was about to bite him when I realized what would happen if I did. I ran out of the club, listening to the guy yelling in pain.

I was upset at myself, I guess. But I called the one person who always knows what to say – Shannon. What can I say? She’s still my best friend even though she lives ages away. She offered to come all the way to New York just to see me and make me feel a little less lonely. I also got a call from Bill. I think he’s startin’ to understand my situation a little bit more. I mean I’m young an’ all and this vampire thing is pretty overwhelming at the best of times. He says I did the right thing, gettin’ out of there when I had the chance. He was worried about me enough to want to book a flight.

Shannon says I need to learn to ask for Bill’s help. I’ve never been someone to do that before. Whenever I asked my real daddy, I was met with degradation and ridicule. I shouldn’t have to ask for help ’cause I should work it out on my own and do it to the best of my ability. I always think Bill’s gonna yell at me, just like daddy did. But this weekend kind of showed me that Bill ain’t that closed off and he gets that I am vampire just like him. I guess he’s tryin’… and he has been nicer to me lately. That’s a good start.

I hate feelin’ so confused all the time.


Love At First Bite

One of my bestest friends wrote an awesome fangfiction about me and Hoyt! *GRINS* So y’all HAVE to check it out. Right now!

Love at First Bite : Chapter 1

Just a little peek into what it would be like if Hoyt and Jessica hooked up. Rated T Hoyt,Jess,Bill

Start Over From Scratch (Re-Post)

I guess the first and best piece of news is that Hoyt and I are back together. I think we had a really great talk last night – we needed it. We both made big mistakes and we both have to make compromises which we can understand fully now. I glimpsed a moment where he wasn’t there and I hated bein’ without him. I think that thought alone will make my resolve stronger, knowin’ he’s waitin’ for me and that he wants me. He wants me no matter what I am. In my head, I always thought that the vampire and me were separate things… but they’re not. They can’t be anymore. It’s who I am now. I’m deteremined not to let him down now because I love him too much to let go.

(Did I mention that makin’ it up to him was VERY fun? Just… an observation)

I headed back to work tonight at Fangtasia. My regulars always seem to miss me when I ain’t there. Saturday nights mean it was packed. Eric was busy ‘enthrallin’ the vermin’ and Felicia was behind the bar. I met up with the new girl, Kawai, before work. She’s a lovely girl – very bright, terrific dancer. I can see we’re gonna be good friends. Speakin’ of new friends, I met a vamp named Alice tonight. It’s always nice to meet new faces ’round this area. She got up on stage and danced (wow, she’s a great dancer – I suggested she put in an application for a job!). We really hit it off. I can kinda tell she likes the boys, ‘specially that Jason Stackhouse. Bein’ Hoyt’s best friend and all, I’m gettin’ to know Jason now. He may be hornier than a handful of frat boys and a few fangbangers short of a buffet, but he’s an okay guy. Kind of get the feelin’ he’s high on somethin’… can’t tell what though. Well, ain’t my business. I told Jason that if he wanted tips ’bout bein’ with any vamp girls, he should talk to Hoyt. I don’t want him gettin’ drained because of his, ah… inexperience? (Yeah, I know, Jason and inexperience shouldn’t be used in the same sentence – my bad!). Anyway, I’m workin’ again tomorrow night so we’ll see what Fangtasia brings then.

Compton Asylum has been awful quiet lately without Shannon there. That’s a long story, one that probably shouldn’t be repeated here… But she’s moved out, leavin’ only Bill, me and Hoyt in the house. Bill’s been actin’ kind of strange lately and he says there’s an important matter we need to talk ’bout soon. Buildin’ up suspense isn’t fun, daddy. I don’t think Shan’s gonna be my dayperson anymore, which is totally okay… my mail is kinda all over the place though. There’s a stack of stuff she did for me durin’ the day that I really don’t wanna do at night, given my limited hours. I don’t know whether I’ll find a dayperson as good as her though. I wish her all the best in her new life and we’re still really good friends. Ain’t no one can take that away from us.

I guess that’s it tonight. I’ve had a full on kinda week – feelin’ exhausted right now. So I’m off to snuggle my boy (which ranks among the top things I like to do with my time). G’night all!

Leavin’ you with a song I was thinkin’ bout last night.

I Feel Like Dancin’ (Re-Post)


My weekend down in New Orleans with Hoyt and Shan was incredible. The room, the atmosphere, the company… I so wanna do it again. It’d be so easy to get caught up in that lifestyle (deathstyle? *giggles*). This is an awful long post so I’m just gonna share with you one of my experiences at a time. Firstly, Club V.

On Saturday night, I was chaffeured to the most exclusive vampire club in New Orleans known only as V. The vampires that go there have to be invited. There’s a strict ‘no human or supe’ rule in force. These vamps are the top breeds – wealthy and powerful. There’s strict etiquette and attire rules to follow. It’s location is a protected secret. Kind of a big mystery ’round it but I jumped at the chance to go there. I wasn’t disappointed.

When I arrived, Mr Jules was already there. I guess he’s like my vamp entertainment manager now. He gets a fee in whatever money I bring in from the gigs he books for me. He’s real nice and I was happy to help him out after Asha’s untimely second death. I was rushed into hair and make-up behind the stage area at the club. Mr Jules arranged for some pictures to be taken of me to use in the future, like the one above. I was happy to go along with it.

Then I was up on stage and everythin’ went at 500 miles an hour. The servers were all vamps so they were speedin’ about and collectin’ ‘drink’ orders. The lights were on me and the music was playin’. I think it was the most terrified I been in a long time. But I danced and I sang…Both the male and female vamps enjoyed the show. When I mingled with them, they said I had a real bright future in the clubs. People paid good money to see vamp entertainers like me. That’s real nice to hear… it’s somethin’ I enjoy doin’.

There was one time while I was dancin’ that I was sure I felt someone familiar in the crowd, starin’ at me… ya know? Not for the entertainment. It was like a tingly feelin’ runnin’ up my spine. Chills, I think. Real odd.

But it was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anythin’… and the rest of my night was equally wonderful which I spent with my boy.

I do believe he’d agree that I give the best private dance lessons out there 😉

NOLA (Re-Post)

I’m so excited! Shan, Hoyt and me are almost at our hotel in New Orleans for the weekend. It’s so incredibly beautiful here, even at this hour. Jazzfest is on so the city isn’t sleepin’. If anyone wants us (and try not to want us too much), we have the penthouse suite at the Windsor Court Hotel.

I’m pretty nervous ’bout dancin’ tomorrow night at Club V but Hoyt is bein’ real supportive with me. I’m so glad he’s here, I just wish he could come in and watch (they have a ‘no humans unless you’re a blood donor’ rule and I don’t want Hoyt to see that part of the vamp society). Well, I guess there’s always a private encore performance 😉

Alright, time for me to set the macbook down. We’ll still be tweetin’ while we’re here. Later everyone and have a great weekend!

The Baby Vamp Dances (Re-Post)


A great thing happened to me tonight!

Since my vamp friend, Asha Reed, met her second death at the hands of the FotS, I’ve been fillin’ in for her on stage at Fangtasia. Her manager, Mr Jules, was settlin’ up her estate at the bar tonight while I was on stage. I guess I must have caught his eye because he took me to the side and asked me if I wanted to do a gig down in New Orleans this weekend since Asha couldn’t. It’s Jazz Festival weekend down there and she was gonna be the star attraction at this exclusive vampires only club – V. Mr Jules has said if the night goes well, I might be asked back again.

Of course, the best news ’bout this is that all the accommodation and travel stuff is bein’ taken care of by Mr Jules… and I’m gettin’ paid a pretty little fee for my appearance. AND I get to bring Hoyt along! Shan’s arrangin’ everythin’ tomorrow for us (and hopefully a spot in the limo too!). A trip with them down to New Orleans will be the best weekend ever.

I’m so excited!

Birds of a Feather (Re-Post)

I’ve never had any close friends. You know, ones you can talk to ’bout boys or life (and in my case, undeath) or shoes or even what’s on TV. I was never really allowed to get close to anyone when I was alive because of my parents. I’ve missed out on a lot of stuff. So now that I actually have a really close group of friends, keepin’ them safe and happy is real important to me. I love bein’ with them, ‘specially my best friend Shannon. Right from the start we got along so well and I’d do anythin’ for her. We’ve always said we had to stick together.

These past few weeks have been tough on her after losin’ her PA job with my daddy. The Dick. I know how it feels to be kinda adrift. I was thinkin it’s about time I started settlin’ into this vamp lifestyle (deathstyle?) and do a bit more ‘legit’ mainstreamin’. If I’m gonna be ’round for a long, LONG time, I’ll need to be more organized… and I know she did an awesome job with Bill’s daytime stuff. Not to mention we’re so close that she practically knows what I need without me even openin’ my mouth (and she knows what I don’t know ’bout but probably should). So I hired her as my PA!

I think it’s a great position for her and she looks real happy to have a job again. Her mad phone skills came in handy today since I kinda, accidentally, on purpose threw my phone against a wall. Some idiot gave the fangbangers my number and they were callin’ all day. So I have a new number (555-BITEME *winks*) and a cool new phone. Let’s hope this one lasts longer.

So, if anyone wants me durin’ the day – Direct all your calls to my best friend and official PA, Shan 🙂

Remind me I have to give her hazard pay when dealin’ with Hoyt’s socks 😉