Anton ‘Ace’ LeVin’s NY Apartment

Anton "Ace" LeVinI took some snaps of Anton ‘Ace’ LeVin‘s apartment when I was visitin’ during my week there. Of course, he has a bigger nest which is hidden and can only be shared with trusted vampires but this is his ‘entertaining’ pad. Ace is Sheriff of Area 7, a VLA activist and also responsible for opening VAIA.

I also have some more photos to post of the renovated apartment I share with Addy and Kayla – stay tuned!

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Introducing… Gucci Hamby!


I’d like y’all to meet… Gucci Hamby!

Addy, my New York ‘nestmate’, bought him for me as a ‘welcome to VAIA’ present! Isn’t he the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen? Addy saw that I was real lonely in New York and wanted to make me feel more at home. I ain’t never had a dog before (I wasn’t allowed) and he’s real good friends with Addy’s French Bulldog Versace. Check out the pics below to see more! I’ve already made a few purchases for him…

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