I Feel Like Dancin’ (Re-Post)


My weekend down in New Orleans with Hoyt and Shan was incredible. The room, the atmosphere, the company… I so wanna do it again. It’d be so easy to get caught up in that lifestyle (deathstyle? *giggles*). This is an awful long post so I’m just gonna share with you one of my experiences at a time. Firstly, Club V.

On Saturday night, I was chaffeured to the most exclusive vampire club in New Orleans known only as V. The vampires that go there have to be invited. There’s a strict ‘no human or supe’ rule in force. These vamps are the top breeds – wealthy and powerful. There’s strict etiquette and attire rules to follow. It’s location is a protected secret. Kind of a big mystery ’round it but I jumped at the chance to go there. I wasn’t disappointed.

When I arrived, Mr Jules was already there. I guess he’s like my vamp entertainment manager now. He gets a fee in whatever money I bring in from the gigs he books for me. He’s real nice and I was happy to help him out after Asha’s untimely second death. I was rushed into hair and make-up behind the stage area at the club. Mr Jules arranged for some pictures to be taken of me to use in the future, like the one above. I was happy to go along with it.

Then I was up on stage and everythin’ went at 500 miles an hour. The servers were all vamps so they were speedin’ about and collectin’ ‘drink’ orders. The lights were on me and the music was playin’. I think it was the most terrified I been in a long time. But I danced and I sang…Both the male and female vamps enjoyed the show. When I mingled with them, they said I had a real bright future in the clubs. People paid good money to see vamp entertainers like me. That’s real nice to hear… it’s somethin’ I enjoy doin’.

There was one time while I was dancin’ that I was sure I felt someone familiar in the crowd, starin’ at me… ya know? Not for the entertainment. It was like a tingly feelin’ runnin’ up my spine. Chills, I think. Real odd.

But it was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anythin’… and the rest of my night was equally wonderful which I spent with my boy.

I do believe he’d agree that I give the best private dance lessons out there 😉


NOLA (Re-Post)

I’m so excited! Shan, Hoyt and me are almost at our hotel in New Orleans for the weekend. It’s so incredibly beautiful here, even at this hour. Jazzfest is on so the city isn’t sleepin’. If anyone wants us (and try not to want us too much), we have the penthouse suite at the Windsor Court Hotel.

I’m pretty nervous ’bout dancin’ tomorrow night at Club V but Hoyt is bein’ real supportive with me. I’m so glad he’s here, I just wish he could come in and watch (they have a ‘no humans unless you’re a blood donor’ rule and I don’t want Hoyt to see that part of the vamp society). Well, I guess there’s always a private encore performance 😉

Alright, time for me to set the macbook down. We’ll still be tweetin’ while we’re here. Later everyone and have a great weekend!

The Baby Vamp Dances (Re-Post)


A great thing happened to me tonight!

Since my vamp friend, Asha Reed, met her second death at the hands of the FotS, I’ve been fillin’ in for her on stage at Fangtasia. Her manager, Mr Jules, was settlin’ up her estate at the bar tonight while I was on stage. I guess I must have caught his eye because he took me to the side and asked me if I wanted to do a gig down in New Orleans this weekend since Asha couldn’t. It’s Jazz Festival weekend down there and she was gonna be the star attraction at this exclusive vampires only club – V. Mr Jules has said if the night goes well, I might be asked back again.

Of course, the best news ’bout this is that all the accommodation and travel stuff is bein’ taken care of by Mr Jules… and I’m gettin’ paid a pretty little fee for my appearance. AND I get to bring Hoyt along! Shan’s arrangin’ everythin’ tomorrow for us (and hopefully a spot in the limo too!). A trip with them down to New Orleans will be the best weekend ever.

I’m so excited!