So, what’s up with me lately?

Well, tonight I went to a Vampire Pride Rally out in Shreveport with a few of my vampy friends. There were lots and lots of fireworks. I tell ya, seein’ fireworks through vamp eyes is somethin’ pretty spectacular. The colors are wild and multi-layered. It’s almost like you can reach up and touch the little speckles of light. Beautiful. I wore my AVL shirt and yelled my undead heart out. I know I’m still adjustin’ to bein’ a vamp but since I’m gonna be one for a while, I figure it’s the little things that count in the long run.

Also, bein’ at the rally kind of distracted me from Hoyt leavin’ for his week’s vacation. He’s takin’ his momma to the desert. I hope he doesn’t leave her there… *giggles* I sure will miss him durin’ his week away.

Note to self: Buy more O Neg and B Pos TruBlood.

It’s good timin’, I guess. Bill and I are goin’ to New York for a while so he can ‘check on his investment’. I think we’re gonna pick a new car out too *fingers crossed* Of course, it always comes with a price. I’m bein’ made to go to this stupid Descendents of the Glorious Dead ball thing which looks totally lame. Oh, but it’s alllll for Sookie’s benefit *rolls eyes* Sookie doesn’t have to strut around in a dress the size of TEXAS. It’s freakin’ HUGE!

Okay, maybe she does too. But it ain’t like hers is… is… no, I’m not givin’ details. It’s bad, let’s put it that way.

So, y’all will be readin’ this when I’m asleep. Wish me luck for tonight.

Geez, I hope I don’t end up lookin’ like a Gone With the Wind drop out.


Anton ‘Ace’ LeVin’s NY Apartment

Anton "Ace" LeVinI took some snaps of Anton ‘Ace’ LeVin‘s apartment when I was visitin’ during my week there. Of course, he has a bigger nest which is hidden and can only be shared with trusted vampires but this is his ‘entertaining’ pad. Ace is Sheriff of Area 7, a VLA activist and also responsible for opening VAIA.

I also have some more photos to post of the renovated apartment I share with Addy and Kayla – stay tuned!

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Club Slattern

This weekend was kind of eventful for me. Friday night I spent in my classes, goin’ over special art techniques and learning some more of the basics. My teacher, Terrence, said I have a good eye for color and shade. I guess that’s a good thing. I also asked the admin whether I could take other classes via distance education. They said it shouldn’t be a problem since I’ve already done the homeschool thing and I was used to it. I’ve decided to take a few electives: English literature and Growth of Western Civilization I. Don’t tell Bill, but I’m kind of excited to be doin’ somethin’ like this. I wouldn’t want him to think I was givin’ into his wishes or anythin’.

I know as much as I try and deny it, my relationship with Bill is becomin’… easier. He treats me like a teenager at the best of times (which I am, but still…) and I see him as a father figure I guess. He does look out for me. Take this weekend, for example.

Addy and I had some free time on Saturday night so we decided to go to this club she knew – Club Slattern (whatever that means – I’ve heard it means ‘lady of the evening’?). Anyway, it was a great club and we were havin’ fun dancing when this guy surprised me. He put his hands around my waist from behind and, of course, my fangs popped out. It wasn’t an innocent dance and he was gettin’ turned on by the fangs. I wanted to get out of there and fast as soon as his lips touched my neck. I’m not that type of girl. I pulled away and he stopped me; his hand grasped my wrist. Before I could stop myself, I turned his wrist at a wrong angle and had him on his knees. My instincts kicked in and I was about to bite him when I realized what would happen if I did. I ran out of the club, listening to the guy yelling in pain.

I was upset at myself, I guess. But I called the one person who always knows what to say – Shannon. What can I say? She’s still my best friend even though she lives ages away. She offered to come all the way to New York just to see me and make me feel a little less lonely. I also got a call from Bill. I think he’s startin’ to understand my situation a little bit more. I mean I’m young an’ all and this vampire thing is pretty overwhelming at the best of times. He says I did the right thing, gettin’ out of there when I had the chance. He was worried about me enough to want to book a flight.

Shannon says I need to learn to ask for Bill’s help. I’ve never been someone to do that before. Whenever I asked my real daddy, I was met with degradation and ridicule. I shouldn’t have to ask for help ’cause I should work it out on my own and do it to the best of my ability. I always think Bill’s gonna yell at me, just like daddy did. But this weekend kind of showed me that Bill ain’t that closed off and he gets that I am vampire just like him. I guess he’s tryin’… and he has been nicer to me lately. That’s a good start.

I hate feelin’ so confused all the time.

Introducing… Gucci Hamby!


I’d like y’all to meet… Gucci Hamby!

Addy, my New York ‘nestmate’, bought him for me as a ‘welcome to VAIA’ present! Isn’t he the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen? Addy saw that I was real lonely in New York and wanted to make me feel more at home. I ain’t never had a dog before (I wasn’t allowed) and he’s real good friends with Addy’s French Bulldog Versace. Check out the pics below to see more! I’ve already made a few purchases for him…

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New York Apartment


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Images of the Vampire Art Institute of America which is owned by Sheriff of Area 7, Ace LeVin. VAIA caters to supporting and nurting talented vampires and aspires to show the vampire and human community that mainstreaming is the way of the future.


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Tribunal, Life and Death

I faced my worst fear last night. I faced the place where I died and the Tribunal that ordered my death. And knowin’ these things, I’ve started to realize that I want to improve my position in this world. I can’t say too much ’bout the Tribunal but the horror of seein’ a vampire’s fangs ripped out and knowin’ you could be there if you did somethin’ wrong or bad? Changed my mind completely about my unlife. I stood up, looked The Magister in the eye and answered his questions truthfully. He said I showed ‘bravery beyond my years’ – I guess that’s what you say to someone who ordered your turning – but I was scared to second death inside. I can’t believe how supportive Bill was for me. I could tell it was hard for him to be back there too. Havin’ me as a punishment ain’t easy for him but his offer of goin’ to school was very kind.

So I’ve decided I need to go for a while. A week, maybe a bit more. Bill and I had a long discussion last night about where I wanted to start out and I really think I’d be good goin’ into fashion design. That’s where New York comes in. There’s a school called the Vampire Art Institute of America (VAIA) there. One of the first of it’s kind in the world to open and cater to the education of vampires. It specializes in art subjects like photography or fine arts or fashion… but there are also some courses you can take with vampire private tutors. English or maths and stuff.

Anton "Ace" LeVinThe vampire I spoke with last night, Anton LeVin, is the Sheriff of Area 7 and he specializes in fashion design and modelling. He’s very interested to see me and enjoyed some of the sketches I sent to his office. I googled him and his fashion is amazin’; not to mention he is politically active in achievin’ equal rights for vampires. I really think this could be a good experience for me.

I wish I didn’t have to leave for an entire week without Hoyt or my friends. I’m gonna miss them so much while I’m gone. Hoyt is my entire world…

So for now, this is goodbye to Bon Temps for a week of hello New York. It’s a big world out there and baby vamp is takin’ her very first steps in it. Wish me luck.