That Bon Temps Bitch


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Bon Temps Bitch


For @TaraMaeThornton…


Well, ya wanted fan art… *giggles* (click for larger)

Love you sweetie! *baby vamp hugs*


Lion-King_1Why do Disney movies have to be so sad and happy at the same time? WHY? *bursts into blood tears again* The poor lion daddy! And y’all are tellin’ me ’bout Bambi’s momma bein’ eaten by a SPARKLY FUCKER. OMG. I don’t think I can take much more Disney.

Tara and I (AKA Muppet Bitch and Baby Vanoop) had a girls night in tonight where we watched The Lion King while she cornrowed my hair. THAT was a funny sight. I think everyone in Bon Temps now knows what baby vamp looks like with cornrows. It hurt a little but I’m getting used to different types of pain. Let’s just say it ain’t half as bad as silver. We then headed over to Merlottes to show off my hair. Sookie couldn’t breathe she was laughin’ too damn hard! But I had a good time. My hair is growin’ back right now since I cut it short to get the cornrows out – should be it’s normal length tomorrow night.

And ya just know I’m gonna get muppet bitch back for the cornrows… *GRINS*