Just a Regular Saturday Night Off

It’s not often that I get Saturday nights all to myself. Tonight, it was my night off and Hoyt had to take his momma to a baby shower over in Bossier since she’s night blind. He’s such a sweet guy, helpin’ his momma out like that (though I think he secretly likes playin’ the games too… like pass the orange).

I decided to go out to Merlottes for a drink and see some of my friends. It wasn’t as busy as usual, but that’s a good thing. Tara and Sookie were workin’ (and Holly too, but I kept a distance from her) and, to my surprise, daddy was there. It’s real unusual to see him out of his library but, by the way he was actin’, he seemed to me to be lonely. He even invited me over to sit with him so I was happy to oblige him. Maybe he wanted a reason for Sookie to keep bringin’ us drinks over. He’s always happier when she’s ’round (read: less broody) which is good for me in the long run.

Bill and I got to chattin’ ’bout some of his business affairs and he asked me how I was goin’ at Fangtasia. To be honest, I haven’t felt my usual effervescent self workin’ at the bar lately. Same old, same old. I like the fangbangers and I get good tips, but it’s gettin’ up and doin’ the same thing that’s really startin’ to bore me. Sure, I have friends and all who I love to see every night like Mai-chan, Felicia, Chow and Kawai, but Bill’s talkin’ ’bout the future has kind of inspired me. I am more controlled, thanks to Hoyt’s continued presence in my life, and I am interested in travellin’. Bill started talkin’ bout Hogwarts for Vamps again and takin’ me on a vacation. Yes, I will repeat that slowly. A vacation. With daddy. He has some business in Europe soon so he’s lettin’ me go with him (yes, the thought crossed my mind ’bout him leavin’ me over there – but I don’t think he’d live that one down if he did).

I’m flippin’ through some of this information that Bill’s got for me and it’s really, really cool. Schools for Vamps – all after hours (obviously) and geared to a vamp’s needs. Light tight rooms, security, room service (yeah, Hoyt ain’t gonna like that one. I won’t be usin’ that option)… all in cool locations. Looks like they’re partnered with Anubis Airlines. Lots of different things to study too – even fashion design and art! I guess there’s no harm in takin’ a peek at them, right?

My first coffin will arrive in the next few days. Sounds like it’s just in time. My “shopping trip” tonight was also heaps of fun *grins* Got some great bargains…


Tribute (Re-Post)

Well that lovely maenad popped into Merlottes tonight.

Yeah, wish I was kiddin’ too.

Since my lovely daddy has taken off again and I have NO idea where he is, the Maenad’s taken an unwelcome interest in my affairs by askin’ me for a tribute. Now, me bein’ a new vamp = I have no fuckin’ clue what that means. Luckily, Victor Madden was close by in Shreveport and was available to negotiate. She seemed to want to ’cause chaos in the bar, wantin’ a drunken human of some form. Or, even better, a host of drunken and horny humans. So I did the absolute best thing I could think about – get the bar drunk and horny. It worked, I think. Lots of drunk humans. Jane Bodehoue and Catfish (YES, Hoyt’s boss Catfish who still thinks I’m a stripper) got it on in the parking lot. The frat boys found some single women and enjoyed the free beer. Victor took a friend of mine home with him. And Hoyt and I, well *grins* we don’t exactly need beer to have escapades of our own in the woods outside Merlottes. There was a point where the Maenad looked like she wanted to hurt Hoyt. I’d die my second death before anythin’ happened to him. I hope she enjoyed the energy radiatin’ from the bar… I guess the next step is to find her a bull.

Speakin’ of second deaths, I’m pretty sure Sam Merlotte ain’t gonna be too happy with me tomorrow night. Someone please hide the stakes from him.

Odd Sorta Night (Re-Post)

What a night. Insane is the word I’d use to describe it.

It started out okay. I’m fillin’ in for Sookie while she’s outta town with my boss, Eric, so I was workin’ Merlottes with Tara and Holly. Everythin’ was goin’ okay until the frat boys from Ruston started causin’ trouble but we handled ’em. Think they got a bit frightened when they realised they were up against two seasoned fangbanger kickin’ vamps and two very pissed off humans. I think it was Francisco who called us the Bad Ass Bon Temps Girls. Hoyt was there so I had my own personal fun tellin’ him ’bout the ‘specials’… but then his momma came in for a visit. Now, Maxine is a great lady but she sure can be blunt! Started askin’ Hoyt ’bout his intentions with me and whether we were bein’ ‘safe’. Someone didn’t tell her I couldn’t get knocked up, I guess. There was a little girl in the bar tonight makin’ play fangs at me… got me all sad. Hoyt ended up drinkin’ five shots of tequila and lickin’ the salt off my wrist (VERY fun, I might add) but he was most certainly toasted.

I drove Hoyt home after cleanin’ up the bar (we had to sweep ’round Hoyt since he was admirin’ the floor again) and we made it up to bed. Then I heard somethin’ approach outside. It wasn’t good at all – a maenad. She wanted a ‘tribute’ – which of course involved my very drunk Hoyt. There was no way that bitch was gettin’ her hands on my boy. There was no tellin’ what she would do to him. She warned me not to be smart with her. I got her to back off but she left me with a warnin’ for Bill that she would return and a huge scratch down my arm. It wasn’t like other scratches I’ve had before – it wouldn’t stop bleedin’ right away – and I was gettin’ real dizzy and weak. I guess that was part of her poison. I collapsed on the porch leavin’ Hoyt to get me when she was finally gone. Hoyt saw that I wasn’t lookin’ too good and offered his blood to fix me up. I’m so glad the Maenad left and didn’t hurt either Hoyt or Shan. And I’m lucky to have scraped through with just this scratch on my arm. Stings like the bitch that gave it to me. I can’t understand why it’s not healin’ up as fast as it should be. In fact, it should be pretty much gone by now but it’s still painful and still barely scabbed over.

Bitch is gonna pay for that.

Monster (Re-Post)

Am I a bad guy?
Am I a bad soul?

I’m a vampire clinging to the sounds for a fast high
OURS – I’m a Monster

Do you ever think you’re stuck between two different identities? I think I am. I thought there was still a little human left in me, but there’s not. Not after tonight. All those things I did to the people I love… I’m a monster.

Tonight was goin’ okay. It started out normally. I asked Bill to go for a ‘welcome back’ drink at Merlottes. We met the Sheriff, Victor and Mai there as well. We ordered our drinks from Sookie and started drinkin’ then… I don’t know. Everythin’ got real weird. I ain’t never felt like it before. I just wanted to be bad and kill everythin’ in sight. I… attacked… Bill and he attacked, ah, back. Then I was all over Sam and Tara. I hurt her so bad, she’s never gonna talk to me ever again. I ran outside and… I’m pretty sure the Sheriff and I went on a hunt but he left. Then I did the worst thing. I went home and… I tried to kill my best friend. Shannon just smelled so good and I couldn’t stop myself. Her quick thinkin’ saved her life tonight. She grabbed the blood vial necklace from around my neck and just let me drink it. Hoyt’s blood saved her life… somehow it knocked some sense into me. The pain was just unbearable, pulsin’ over and over in my head like the whole town was on fire and screamin’. I settled down but I was so scared I’d do somethin’ else to hurt Shannon.

I started questionin’ whether I should ever be ‘round humans. Shannon tried to talk me out of it but I wouldn’t listen. Then my Hoyt came home… I just wanted him to get away from me for his own safety. Far, far away. But he wouldn’t let me go, not like that. I want to keep him safe so badly. How do I be with him when every second I know I could kill him?

Hoyt saved me tonight. He cleaned me up, took care of me and just held me when I cried. I just can’t help to wonder if I’m worth savin’.

Don’t talk, don’t say a thing

Cause your eyes they tell me more than your words
Don’t go, don’t leave me now

I wish that I could carry her
But this is our ungodly hour
The Fray – Ungodly Hour

Pick Up the Pieces (Re-Post)

So what exactly does a newborn vamp do when her maker leaves her?

Sure, a party would probably be the best course of action but… I just can’t help feelin’ the way I do. I feel like crap about the entire thing. Guess I should start from the beginnin’.

The past few days have been real good for me. Hoyt and I decided to ‘throw caution to the wind’ and take a trip to New Orleans. Everythin’ was so nice there and bein’ with Hoyt made it that much more special. I must say he knows how to show a girl a good time 😉 I picked up a few things there too, including some new clothes (and, um, other unmentionable things for Hoyt’s eyes only), a pair of vintage earrings and a lucky voodoo doll pencil for Shannon, a box of candies for Mrs Fortenberry, a voodoo love set for Poet and Chaos and a ‘no mo blues‘ voodoo doll for Bill. The sights there are beautiful – expect Hoyt to post up some photos in his blog soon 🙂

We came home at dusk on Saturday night for Chaos and Poet’s engagement party at Merlottes. It was an incredibly fun evenin’ except for a few little things like a fairy with a death wish. I wanted to do somethin’ special for the happy couple so I organized with Sam and our awesome DJ Francisco to sing a song for the last dance. I chose this song and I think it was a real hit with everyone. I’m just happy to see two people so in love makin’ the sort of committment they’re planning. It’s beautiful and I wish them both the very best.

I guess I should have been payin’ more attention to Bill at the party. I didn’t see that he was upset by somethin’. When I woke up tonight (after a rather disturbing nightmare), I found a letter on my macbook. I opened it up and it said he was goin’ away for an ‘uncertain amount of time’ and that he was trustin’ me to keep the house in order. And that I made him proud. And that was it. No face-to-face goodbye, nothin’. I wake up with a letter and his bags gone. Shannon got one too. I can tell it’s really hurtin’ her more than me and I’m gonna try my best to be there for her. I just wish he could feel he could talk to me about this. I know we have a rocky relationship but… there’s a part of me that enjoys his company and, yes, does care about his welfare. I know I act like a bitch ’round him but he’ll always be the vampire that gave me my freedom.

There’s so much runnin’ round my head ’bout this. I guess it helps that I had distractions tonight. Like disposing of a certain fairy, showin’ Hoyt what happens after that and our new friend, Madlyn from Las Vegas, has decided to take a trip to Louisiana and is stayin’ at Compton Asylum on her visit. There’s also my naggin’ nightmares that I keep havin’… but that’s a topic for another time.

So Bill’s gone. For now. Until I don’t know when. And we’re left on our own ’til then.

I know someone’s going to have a sore head tomorrow… (Re-Post)


And thankfully it ain’t gonna be me 😉

I just had to take a picture ’cause he was so cute at the time. The ones he took of me are goin’ straight to the private collection. *winks*

Mardi Gras at Merlottes was awesome. Bill worked the Satan suit I bought him and I was a ‘bad’ angel, complete with wings. Hoyt was all dressed up too and looked real handsome. Sookie, Tara, Sam and all my Bon Temps friends looked so pretty. Although it was pretty foggy for a while, we had so much fun.

Oh, I’m bein’ called back 😉 Night y’all!