Vampire Report

Checkin’ out the latest news again…

I should really try that ‘meal in a glass’ thing for Hoyt. I know he’s usually a catfish, burger or steak kinda guy but I guess it’s the closest we’ll ever get to sharin’ the same sort of meal. Hmm, well there is our 5 month anniversary comin’ up real soon…

Great. More FotS activity. Just what we needed ’round these parts.


Checkin’ the Latest News…

That Fellowship of the Sun video is really worryin’ me. Havin’ been at their mercy a few times now, I know that video isn’t just a call to a leadership camp. It scares me. Also, the shifter in that video? Totally not good promotion for our furry friends.

Ace LeVin, my tutor in New York, is real heavy into the American Vampire League politics. Mainly ’cause he’s been ’round for a long while and he is the sheriff of one of the most expensive areas in North America. I’m startin’ to take an interest in some of his work with the AVL. I mean I’m only a new vamp but I still want my rights.

They Bring a New Meaning to Bible Bashing

Things didn’t go so great for me or Hoyt tonight. Though it could be worse, ya know? I could readyin’ myself to meet the sun on Sunday and Hoyt would be watchin’.

At some stay durin’ the night, Hoyt was taken from a coffee shop in Monroe (ya know, come to think of it, his blood has been tastin’ a lot more caffeinated lately. I think he’s visitin’ that Starbucks more times than he admits on the tweetstream) by two Fellowship of the Sun people – Steve and Sarah Newlin. Apparently they posed as tourists lookin’ for Fangtasia and then hit Hoyt over the head and threw him in their trunk. They drove all the way to Fangtasia and used his blood to draw me out. I could feel him comin’ closer… usually that makes me so incredibly happy… but all I could feel was somethin’ wrong. And then the blood… I just had to go to him. It was foolish and stupid but I couldn’t think clearly. Steve Newlin jumped out, threw a silver net over me and forced me into the trunk of the car.

Hoyt was comin’ to when I was thrown in. The pain of silver is unlike any other… it burns deep into vampire flesh, leavin’ red gashes wherever it touches. There wasn’t a lot of space in the trunk to move around but we managed to switch positions and I sawed through the rope with my fangs. Not really what they’re made for, but it worked. Hoyt was free and removed the silver. There was a moment we shared that I thought was gonna be our last together. I just froze, starin’ up at him. But he brought me out of it. He made me think ’bout survivin’. So my survival instincts kicked in.

The first thing I needed was blood because my burns weren’t healed yet and my strength was gone. I had to feed on Hoyt but be careful not to take too much. I was also aware that wasn’t gonna be enough and I was in no shape to fight – Hoyt needed strength so I offered him some of my blood. I have to admit that I ain’t never felt closer to him than in that moment. Such a small act but so, so powerful. He’s had my blood before and I know what happens when humans taste us: increased sex drive, improved senses, more strength, lighter complexion and more emotional connection. Some humans get hallucinations. It’s somethin’ I know Hoyt can handle but I still need to be careful with him. Too much blood and I could turn him.

In a fit of bloodlust, I punched angrily through the trunk and forced our way out when they pulled up. I stumbled out with Hoyt who managed to punch Steve Newlin out. I was so weak that, even though I wanted to tear their throats out, I couldn’t. They got away, leavin’ Hoyt and me on the side of the road. My friend from Fangtasia, Kawai, was followin’ us with her new friend – Julian, I think his name is. After that, I don’t remember much. Brief flashes of bein’ carried inside the house and a man shakin’ me. Then I woke up in bed beside Hoyt who was asleep.

I just know my real father is behind this attack. There’s no one more spiteful than that bastard. I’m really not lookin’ forward to explainin’ this to Bill either. He already wants me gone from Bon Temps.

Exodus 21:23 (Re-Post)

Tonight, Shan and I found a rock out the front of Compton Asylum with the message ‘Exodus 21:23’ on it. Message from the Fellowship of the Sun evidently (you know, since Victor tracked the messenger, glamored him and, uh, ‘let him go’). It was meant to be a warnin’ delivered durin’ the day – probably through our front window – but the idiot didn’t get it right.

It has me worried. ‘Specially considering the content of Exodus 21:23 from different sources:

But if any harm follow, then thou shalt give life for life (Source)

And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life (Source)

But if her death ensue thereupon, he shall render life for life (Source)

The ‘life for life’ part is probably the biggest cause for concern. Since Bill took my life, my real father thinks he’s owed a life. Since he knows I’m a vamp and that I’m here in Bon Temps, I can’t help but think he’s gonna try somethin’ else. The warnin’ may also have somethin’ to do with the Pastor we ‘interviewed’… but the message was so personal.

What’s that about prodigal sons? (Re-Post)

My night started out crappy. Belinda sent me a message during the day that said I had to be at work. I woke up and raced to Fangtasia only to find Pam in a vicious mood. Apparently, Eric got mad at her for tellin’ me to take the night off and she took it out on me. I was made to unload the truck. THE TRUCK? That’s a human’s job. She worked me real hard but I drew the damn line at workin’ the tourist counter. I ain’t pushin’ no damn Fangtasia shirts. No tips involved in it.

I ended up runnin’ back to Bon Temps to find Bill in a crappy mood. Brooding doesn’t cover it. So I stuck ’round Merlottes waiting for Hoyt. What we didn’t expect was for his best friend, Jason Stackhouse, to turn up and start causin’ trouble. Hoyt was just tryin’ to protect him but I got real angry when he called me a ‘vampire bride’. I feel my fangs start goin’ down just thinkin’ about that Stackhouse and how he treated Hoyt. He’s against Hoyt bein’ anywhere near me…and against vamps in general. I think the FotS have gotten to him.

It’s also real weird timing if you ask me. Merlottes is hosting an Anti-FotS rally tomorrow night.

Should be a blast. (hah, some vamp humor for ya)

Worried. (Re-Post)

I came *this* close to be staked tonight but that horror ain’t nearly as bad as what I’m feelin’ right now. Bill and Hoyt are both in jail, one because of me. Vampires are really dead. Eric and Sookie flew to New Orleans. Fangtasia is barely standing. And my real daddy was part of it. Now I’m holed up in the house and I feel like I’m doin’ absolutely nothin’ for them, any of them.

I swear that the Fellowship of the Sun has gone too far this time. If they hurt Hoyt or Bill or even ONE of my friends, I’ll have their blood. They aren’t going to get away with this.

Wanted: Dead or Alive (Re-Post)

missing poster
I know I like to push my luck as a vamp sometimes, but this is really worrying me.

I decided to try and find my boyfriend, Hoyt, by tracking his scent earlier this week. His momma is real controlling (something I know a lot about) and I think she’s trying to convert him to become an honorary Fellowship of the Sun member. I hope Hoyt stands up for himself and says ‘no’ to her for once. I really do miss him and would do anything just to see his cute little smile again. He’s the first human I’ve not wanted to kill – that’s a big thing for me considering the long list I really want to take out. I tracked Hoyt all the way to Monroe but never expected a FotS tag team to be waitin’. Tag teams mark vamps and report their appearances to the database. If they can catch one, that’s even better for them. I managed to escape but Bill and Eric were real mad about me going anywhere near the place.

A few nights later, the bastards decided to attack. And it wasn’t just me they went after–they took down our Sheriff too. They laid a trap and threw a silver net at me from behind. I tried to fight but it was no use. If Sookie and Sam hadn’t helped me when they did, I’d be right next to Eric being tortured. I owe them big, I know that. We got Eric back the next night but it’s what Sookie found in the office that’s got me worried.

Sookie found a stack of missing posters with my photo on them. Not only that but with a FotS contact number. There’s been word going around that the attacks of vampires didn’t just happen in our neck of the woods – they were state-wide. Conspiracy? Yes, I think so. Some vamps haven’t been so lucky as Eric and me. Some were staked outright. But they were taking great pains to take me away. Maybe it was just for Friday the 13th (one of the vampires’ favorite days). Or maybe the tag team saw me and could identify me and wanted to take me back. I can’t help but wonder if they mistook Eric for my maker.

I love being a vampire, but this is just too damn close to home.