Cravin’ some FangFic While Waitin’ for #TrueBlood?

Let me tell ya, between cryin’ blood tears and bein’ stuck all alone in Compton House for two weeks, things are gettin’ a little boring.

So, if you’re like me, you should check out some FangFic while you wait for True Blood!

All stories feature moi… *giggles* Oh and the ones marked with * are enough to make my fangs pop, if ya know what I mean so don’t read ’em at work or nothin’, cause that would be bad.

But I kinda like bein’ bad…


FangFic Time!

I’ve been keepin’ an eye out for some new ones. If you have any Jess or Hoyt/Jess or Jess/? fic to show me, please email me or leave me a comment here!

  • Twilight Time: Hoyt has a special surprise planned for Jessica
  • Bite Me: As a new vampire, there are a few things Jessica needs to learn…

Fangfic Time!

Just a few new ones this week! Watch out, the first one requires some serious brain draino.

Got something to show me? Leave me a comment, DM me at @JessicaHamby or email me! Thanks!

Drabble Fangfic?

0012x96kLook, I learnt a new term tonight *giggles* ‘Drabble’ fanfic is a short fic. Real cute and I really enjoyed readin’ these new ones. So check ’em out!


(Animation by untold_verity)

FangFic Time!

Time for some new Fangfic picks! These are pretty awesome (I particularly love ‘Lonely’ – totally somethin’ my Hoyt would do. It had me really cryin’ blood) so check ’em out:

O-kay, I Think My Fangs Just Popped

Wow, with all this new love for me and my boy, there’s been an awful lot of wonderful FangFic produced. Y’all are SO creative. And did we mention my fangs popped? Wow…

Remember, if y’all want your fic featured on the blog, you can email me or DM me @JessicaHamby

Here’s some of the latest ones, all featurin’ me and Hoyt. Note that there are some sexual references and spoilers involved (see why my fangs popped *winks*)

Fangfic: Tru-Hoo!


TruHoo by Makia Durron ; A little comedic piece where Jessica strives to come up with a comparison for Tru Blood. Based on the TV series and just for fun!

*giggles* Y’all know I definitely prefer the real thing!