So, what’s up with me lately?

Well, tonight I went to a Vampire Pride Rally out in Shreveport with a few of my vampy friends. There were lots and lots of fireworks. I tell ya, seein’ fireworks through vamp eyes is somethin’ pretty spectacular. The colors are wild and multi-layered. It’s almost like you can reach up and touch the little speckles of light. Beautiful. I wore my AVL shirt and yelled my undead heart out. I know I’m still adjustin’ to bein’ a vamp but since I’m gonna be one for a while, I figure it’s the little things that count in the long run.

Also, bein’ at the rally kind of distracted me from Hoyt leavin’ for his week’s vacation. He’s takin’ his momma to the desert. I hope he doesn’t leave her there… *giggles* I sure will miss him durin’ his week away.

Note to self: Buy more O Neg and B Pos TruBlood.

It’s good timin’, I guess. Bill and I are goin’ to New York for a while so he can ‘check on his investment’. I think we’re gonna pick a new car out too *fingers crossed* Of course, it always comes with a price. I’m bein’ made to go to this stupid Descendents of the Glorious Dead ball thing which looks totally lame. Oh, but it’s alllll for Sookie’s benefit *rolls eyes* Sookie doesn’t have to strut around in a dress the size of TEXAS. It’s freakin’ HUGE!

Okay, maybe she does too. But it ain’t like hers is… is… no, I’m not givin’ details. It’s bad, let’s put it that way.

So, y’all will be readin’ this when I’m asleep. Wish me luck for tonight.

Geez, I hope I don’t end up lookin’ like a Gone With the Wind drop out.



Well, I’ve been home two nights now. Lemme tell you – it’s good to be back. Sure I love New York and all but there’s some things that I can’t live (err, oh heck, y’all know I’m dead) without. Bein’ back in my boy’s arms is the best feelin’ in the entire world. I love how Hoyt feels so familiar and he just radiates this incredible happiness. I’d think I’d die again if I had to leave him for such a long time so soon. We spent last night ‘reuniting’ (which involved a $3 I♥NY t-shirt which… kind of didn’t survive the night) and it was the best. It’s like we were discoverin’ things ’bout each other again – the small  things, ya know? We laid in bed and talked a while before he fell asleep. It was so nice just to be near him again. He has  no idea the kind of effect he has on me. He’s my everythin’.

Tonight, I stayed at home and caught up with Bill. Yes, I got another lesson on recyclin’. But then we started talkin’ bout New York. I put together a portfolio of documents and photos for him before I left the city ’cause I know how anal he can be ’bout that crap. Of course, I have rules to follow while I’m out of the house and at VAIA.

  • Don’t do anythin’ too vampy in public.
  • Keep up the good grades.
  • Stay out of trouble (or don’t get caught…*giggles*).
  • Don’t steal, use the credit card (for ‘worthy’ purchases)
  • Control the inner vampire (like I don’t already)
  • Wear panties… *rolls eyes* Or more dresses with lining.

Hey, I was NOT goin’ out of the house. And it was dark, I couldn’t tell it was see through! Anyway, he shouldn’t have been lookin’!

*takes a breath even though I don’t breathe*

Anyway. We somehow got onto the topic of me and Hoyt. I think Bill is real surprised with the way I’m connected to him. He even asked me if I loved him, which I do of course, and he told me to be careful. When I think back over the past five months and what we’ve gone through together, I know Hoyt would do anythin’ for me. And the feelin’ is more than mutual. I guess Bill is just thinkin’ bout Sookie. He usually is…

But it’s good to be home and back in my boy’s arms. Like I’ve said, it’s the best feelin’ in the entire world.

Start Over From Scratch (Re-Post)

I guess the first and best piece of news is that Hoyt and I are back together. I think we had a really great talk last night – we needed it. We both made big mistakes and we both have to make compromises which we can understand fully now. I glimpsed a moment where he wasn’t there and I hated bein’ without him. I think that thought alone will make my resolve stronger, knowin’ he’s waitin’ for me and that he wants me. He wants me no matter what I am. In my head, I always thought that the vampire and me were separate things… but they’re not. They can’t be anymore. It’s who I am now. I’m deteremined not to let him down now because I love him too much to let go.

(Did I mention that makin’ it up to him was VERY fun? Just… an observation)

I headed back to work tonight at Fangtasia. My regulars always seem to miss me when I ain’t there. Saturday nights mean it was packed. Eric was busy ‘enthrallin’ the vermin’ and Felicia was behind the bar. I met up with the new girl, Kawai, before work. She’s a lovely girl – very bright, terrific dancer. I can see we’re gonna be good friends. Speakin’ of new friends, I met a vamp named Alice tonight. It’s always nice to meet new faces ’round this area. She got up on stage and danced (wow, she’s a great dancer – I suggested she put in an application for a job!). We really hit it off. I can kinda tell she likes the boys, ‘specially that Jason Stackhouse. Bein’ Hoyt’s best friend and all, I’m gettin’ to know Jason now. He may be hornier than a handful of frat boys and a few fangbangers short of a buffet, but he’s an okay guy. Kind of get the feelin’ he’s high on somethin’… can’t tell what though. Well, ain’t my business. I told Jason that if he wanted tips ’bout bein’ with any vamp girls, he should talk to Hoyt. I don’t want him gettin’ drained because of his, ah… inexperience? (Yeah, I know, Jason and inexperience shouldn’t be used in the same sentence – my bad!). Anyway, I’m workin’ again tomorrow night so we’ll see what Fangtasia brings then.

Compton Asylum has been awful quiet lately without Shannon there. That’s a long story, one that probably shouldn’t be repeated here… But she’s moved out, leavin’ only Bill, me and Hoyt in the house. Bill’s been actin’ kind of strange lately and he says there’s an important matter we need to talk ’bout soon. Buildin’ up suspense isn’t fun, daddy. I don’t think Shan’s gonna be my dayperson anymore, which is totally okay… my mail is kinda all over the place though. There’s a stack of stuff she did for me durin’ the day that I really don’t wanna do at night, given my limited hours. I don’t know whether I’ll find a dayperson as good as her though. I wish her all the best in her new life and we’re still really good friends. Ain’t no one can take that away from us.

I guess that’s it tonight. I’ve had a full on kinda week – feelin’ exhausted right now. So I’m off to snuggle my boy (which ranks among the top things I like to do with my time). G’night all!

Leavin’ you with a song I was thinkin’ bout last night.

Odd Sorta Night (Re-Post)

What a night. Insane is the word I’d use to describe it.

It started out okay. I’m fillin’ in for Sookie while she’s outta town with my boss, Eric, so I was workin’ Merlottes with Tara and Holly. Everythin’ was goin’ okay until the frat boys from Ruston started causin’ trouble but we handled ’em. Think they got a bit frightened when they realised they were up against two seasoned fangbanger kickin’ vamps and two very pissed off humans. I think it was Francisco who called us the Bad Ass Bon Temps Girls. Hoyt was there so I had my own personal fun tellin’ him ’bout the ‘specials’… but then his momma came in for a visit. Now, Maxine is a great lady but she sure can be blunt! Started askin’ Hoyt ’bout his intentions with me and whether we were bein’ ‘safe’. Someone didn’t tell her I couldn’t get knocked up, I guess. There was a little girl in the bar tonight makin’ play fangs at me… got me all sad. Hoyt ended up drinkin’ five shots of tequila and lickin’ the salt off my wrist (VERY fun, I might add) but he was most certainly toasted.

I drove Hoyt home after cleanin’ up the bar (we had to sweep ’round Hoyt since he was admirin’ the floor again) and we made it up to bed. Then I heard somethin’ approach outside. It wasn’t good at all – a maenad. She wanted a ‘tribute’ – which of course involved my very drunk Hoyt. There was no way that bitch was gettin’ her hands on my boy. There was no tellin’ what she would do to him. She warned me not to be smart with her. I got her to back off but she left me with a warnin’ for Bill that she would return and a huge scratch down my arm. It wasn’t like other scratches I’ve had before – it wouldn’t stop bleedin’ right away – and I was gettin’ real dizzy and weak. I guess that was part of her poison. I collapsed on the porch leavin’ Hoyt to get me when she was finally gone. Hoyt saw that I wasn’t lookin’ too good and offered his blood to fix me up. I’m so glad the Maenad left and didn’t hurt either Hoyt or Shan. And I’m lucky to have scraped through with just this scratch on my arm. Stings like the bitch that gave it to me. I can’t understand why it’s not healin’ up as fast as it should be. In fact, it should be pretty much gone by now but it’s still painful and still barely scabbed over.

Bitch is gonna pay for that.

Birds of a Feather (Re-Post)

I’ve never had any close friends. You know, ones you can talk to ’bout boys or life (and in my case, undeath) or shoes or even what’s on TV. I was never really allowed to get close to anyone when I was alive because of my parents. I’ve missed out on a lot of stuff. So now that I actually have a really close group of friends, keepin’ them safe and happy is real important to me. I love bein’ with them, ‘specially my best friend Shannon. Right from the start we got along so well and I’d do anythin’ for her. We’ve always said we had to stick together.

These past few weeks have been tough on her after losin’ her PA job with my daddy. The Dick. I know how it feels to be kinda adrift. I was thinkin it’s about time I started settlin’ into this vamp lifestyle (deathstyle?) and do a bit more ‘legit’ mainstreamin’. If I’m gonna be ’round for a long, LONG time, I’ll need to be more organized… and I know she did an awesome job with Bill’s daytime stuff. Not to mention we’re so close that she practically knows what I need without me even openin’ my mouth (and she knows what I don’t know ’bout but probably should). So I hired her as my PA!

I think it’s a great position for her and she looks real happy to have a job again. Her mad phone skills came in handy today since I kinda, accidentally, on purpose threw my phone against a wall. Some idiot gave the fangbangers my number and they were callin’ all day. So I have a new number (555-BITEME *winks*) and a cool new phone. Let’s hope this one lasts longer.

So, if anyone wants me durin’ the day – Direct all your calls to my best friend and official PA, Shan 🙂

Remind me I have to give her hazard pay when dealin’ with Hoyt’s socks 😉

Exodus 21:23 (Re-Post)

Tonight, Shan and I found a rock out the front of Compton Asylum with the message ‘Exodus 21:23’ on it. Message from the Fellowship of the Sun evidently (you know, since Victor tracked the messenger, glamored him and, uh, ‘let him go’). It was meant to be a warnin’ delivered durin’ the day – probably through our front window – but the idiot didn’t get it right.

It has me worried. ‘Specially considering the content of Exodus 21:23 from different sources:

But if any harm follow, then thou shalt give life for life (Source)

And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life (Source)

But if her death ensue thereupon, he shall render life for life (Source)

The ‘life for life’ part is probably the biggest cause for concern. Since Bill took my life, my real father thinks he’s owed a life. Since he knows I’m a vamp and that I’m here in Bon Temps, I can’t help but think he’s gonna try somethin’ else. The warnin’ may also have somethin’ to do with the Pastor we ‘interviewed’… but the message was so personal.