Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ Promo (Ep 2×12)

*FANGS* Looks like baby vamp is gonna have some fun…


H/J Vid: Lights On

Savin’ the Best for Last: Some #TrueBlood Vids… (Part 3)

Bring on #TrueBlood Sunday!

Sunlight on your Skin Wallpapers


There’s more where that came from (featuring a range of characters/couples/seasons) – check them out here

What is it with callin’ me a stupid girl, huh?

Seriously, a baby vamp can’t cut a break!

Some #TrueBlood Vids… (Part 2)

I’m really gettin’ you ready for tonight!

(missing audio for some reason – I’m assumin’ copyright)

Some #TrueBlood Vids… (Part 1)