College Protests

Normal colleges aren’t acceptin’ vampires because they can’t attend to their daytime class schedules. Wow, that’s loophole discrimination if I’ve ever heard it. Admittedly, the students shouldn’t really have thrown red stuff (looked more like juice than TruBlood) over the Dean but his response surely sent a blunt message.

I guess watchin’ this video makes me kinda glad that I’m goin’ to VAIA (Vampire Art Institute of America) in New York. Now that vamps are out of the coffin, it makes sense that there should be places we can go to co-exist with humans but this is a place purely for vampires. Probably a good thing, too. Vamps have different needs…  just like with humans, we all have different personalities, viewpoints or objections. It’s a great place and I’m really enjoyin’ my time there.

But remind me again why I chose to do ‘Origins of Western Civilization’? Oh yeah, I needed a challenge. Next time, I’ll pick one that won’t send me into downtime.

Three cheers for vamp speed readin’ and writin’!


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