Jessica Hamby (thinking of Hoyt!) by AgentS17 – FangArt


Jessica Hamby by AgentS17

Hoyt =



Inanimate Object Love


What can I say? I love the IOP

Check out their blog for a link to all of their inanimate love and craziness around Bon Temps (and beyond!)

My Comic Con Twin…


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@ColorMeLively’s Jessica Hamby Drawing (FangArt)


Jessica Hamby by ColourMeLively

So, so cute! I just love it 😀

FangArt: After the Making


True Blood: After the Making by greenfairy87

I just love the caption 😉

Spotted: B, looking like he instantly regrets having turned Little J over to the dark side. To add even more drama, S has yet to find out about this new addition. You know what they say: Two’s company, three’s a ticking timebomb. XOXO

Heads Will Roll (True Blood video)

Wanna look like me? Well now you can!

Well now you can with!


If you make an image usin’ this free service, please post it in the comments! I’d love to put together an album of all the different Jessica’s *giggles*