Sex and Candy: Life, Death, and Dating on “True Blood”


“And then there she was/Like double cherry pie…”

I had the opportunity to watch the first four episodes of Season Two of True Blood a few weeks back but I’ve been rewatching the episodes as they’re airing on HBO so that I don’t forget any of the plot twists.

I don’t know about you but I thought that last night’s episode of True Blood (“Scratches”), written by Raelle Tucker and directed by Scott Winant, was the best of the season so far.

It’s a good thing I did tune in again as it contained one of my favorite scenes of the first four episodes, the sultry entrance of Jessica (the intoxicating Deborah Ann Woll) at Merlotte’s to the delicious tune of Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy,” one of the most seductive and memorable sequences to unfold on the series to date.

Woll’s Jessica is a sight to behold. Other actresses may have made her little more than a spoiled brat turned nocturnal killer, but Woll infuses her with equal parts churlish spite and intoxicating innocence, making Jessica one of the most compelling and unpredictable characters on the series.

That Jessica is so quickly drawn to the sweet sincerity of Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack) is just the icing on the cake. Jessica is a creature of extremes. Freed from the cloistered morality of family life and from, well, the mortal coil as a whole, she’s experiencing sensations she’s never felt before. Did she go to Merlotte’s to feed? Perhaps. More likely, she did it because there was no one–no parents, not her maker Bill–to tell her not to. The petulant pounding on the sitting room piano becomes a full-blown act of rebellion: a girl in a yellow dress walking into a bar looking for something.

Is it trouble she’s after? She won’t find it with Hoyt. She’s initially drawn to the throbbing vein in his neck but something else takes over: the teenage girl inside of her who’s never even been kissed. Thrust into the vampiric demimond, she’s running before she can walk. And then there’s Hoyt. He’s just looking for a nice girl and he’s attracted to her smile. So much so that he can’t help but walk over to her and sit down at her booth.

And, after watching them meet cute at Merlotte’s and then move on to some heavy petting at Bill’s house, something tells me we’re seeing the beginning of a full-out vampire/human Romeo and Juliet-style love story that’s different from that of Bill and Sookie. Could Jessica’s rebellion be to follow in Bill’s footsteps and fall in love with a human? Or is there nothing but heartbreak ahead for Jessica? Bill’s anger at her (he does throw her across the room) after discovering her with Hoyt speaks volumes about their relationship. Is Jessica his rebellious daughter that needs to be controlled? Can he keep her from harming the residents of Bon Temps? Or does he need to let her make her own decisions and mistakes?

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So… I’ve Been Thinkin’ About TruBlood


I really don’t like TruBlood at the best of times and recently I’ve been doin’ some experimenting. I’ve discovered I like my drinks served as either straight O Negative, straight B Positive or mix of both O Neg and B Positive. I remember Eric tellin’ me that it’s all a matter of taste to the particular vampire and can even tell you what kind of a vampire you are. So I checked out the TruBlood website and found the following things:

Type O – Hearty & Satisfying
Type O ambitiously swirls onto the palate crossing all borders with its merciless optimism and seemingly arrogant independence. A natural leader, Type O is strong to the point of ruthlessness. From dawn till dusk the generous taste of Type O is an all around dream for the impulsive kingpin.

Type B – Aggressive and Energizing
This stylish blend is our tour de force. From its buoyant disposition to its curious adaptability, Type B’s unique medley is loaded with haughty passion. TruBlood’s Type B brings out an unbridled wildness in us all.

Type A – Light & Delicate
For the artistic lifestyle, TruBlood’s Type A is as creative and precise as they come. Though introverted by nature, the flavors of Type A are painstakingly imagined inducing an overall calmness. TruBlood’s Type A is a bona fide prodigy.

Type AB – Smooth and Refined
One of TruBlood’s most complex and rational creations, Type AB boasts a succinct combination of sophistication and judiciousness. Type AB delivers a strict and controlled experience and consistently leaves a cool finish.

I guess that means a wild and impulsive leader-type? *smirks*

Baby Vamp Speak 2×03 – Scratches


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